About Us

Great Lakes Fishing and Sporting Alliance is a grass roots organization that was formed in October 2010 by a small group of concerned sportsman.  After seeing and participating in some of the public comment sessions and resource committee meetings where the MI DNR solicited public feedback regarding gear restrictions on Michigan’s trout streams, we felt that the “average sportsman” was very under-represented in the process.  The committees that make recommendations that eventually result in the new laws and rules governing our states public natural resources were dominated by special interest groups, and the average sportsman needed a voice.  Out of that experience, Great Lakes Fishing and Sporting Alliance was born.

We are establishing a process in this organization that allows all members to have a voice. In fact it is the members who will give our organization life. We need to work together and while we are still building our web-site, we have already established forums for members to inform us of incidents where some individual or group has coerced, lobbied or convinced our DNR to enact restrictive rules to keep the public from accessing public lands or waters.

One of the first battles we intend to take on and the inspiration for this organization is to reverse the discriminatory gear restriction rules now in effect on our trout streams and rivers.

Obviously we are limited by time and resources, but your problem is our problem and by working together we think we can have an impact on future access that might not affect us individually, but might impact our children and grandchildren.